2011-2012 Season

2011-12 Junior N falls HP Series # 1 U16 U19
U19 GD Champion -Carrie Law
U16 BD Cons Finalist -Justin Law & Adrian Chan
U16 GD Finalist -Michelle (13 years old) & her partner
U19 XD Finalist -Carrie Law & Justin Law
U16 BD 3rd -Clement Chow (13 years old) & his partner
U19 BD Cons 3/4 -Andrew Liu & his partner

2011-2012 Junior HP Series # 3  Boulevard U14 U19

U14 BS Champion -Clement Chow
U14 BD Champion -Clement Chow & his partner 
U14 GD Champion -Michelle Cheng & her partner 

U14 XD Finalist -Clement Chow & Michelle Cheng
U14 GS Finalist -Michelle Cheng

2011-2012  Junior HP Series # 3   KW    U12 U16

U12  BS  Champion  -Kyle To
U12  BD Champion  -Kyle to & his partner 

U12 XD Finalist  -Kyle To & his partner

U12  XD 3rd  -Thomas Dent & Jeslyn Chow
U12  BD 3/4  -Thomas Dent & his partner
U12  GD  3/4  -Jeslyn Chow ( 8 years old only!) & her partner

2011-2012  Junior Comp Series # 3 Whitby All Age

U12 GS Champion -Julia Chen & her partner
U16  BS Champion  -Simon Wang (U14 Champion last season as well)
U16 BD Champion -Simon Wang & Andrew Liu

U12 GS Finalist  -Julia Chen(9 years old)
U16 BS Finalist  -Andrew Liu

U12 BS 3rd -Jerry Xie(Training less than 3 months!)
U16 BS 3/4  -Ryan Young ( We only have 3 boys playing U16 BS, and they are 1st,2nd,3rd place!)
U16 GS 3/4  -Avenie Lee

U12 BD   C Flight   1st Place  -Jerry Xie & his partner
U16 GD  B Flight  2nd Place –  Avenie Lee & Yiner Chen
U16 GD  B Flight   1 st Place  -Yinger Chen
U19 BS   B Flight    3nd Place -Felix Lam

2011-2012   Junior Comp Series # 4 Peterborougn All Age

U12 GD  Champion  -Julia Chen & her Partner
U16  BS  Champion  -Simon Wang
U16  BD Champion   -Simon Wang & Andrew Liu

U12  BD Finalist -Jerry Xie & his partner

U12  GS 3rd -Julia Chen
U 16 BS  3/4 -Andrew Liu
U16  BS  3/4 -Sam Li(13 years old only!)

2011-2012 Junior HP Series # 4 Mandarin U16 U19

U19  GS  Champion   -Carrie Law

U16  GD 3/4  -Michelle Cheng & her partner ( U14 play up U16)
U19  MX 3/4  -Carrie Law & Justin Law 

2011-2012 Junior HP Series # 4 Granite U10 U12 U14

U10   GD Champion  -Jeslyn & her partner
U12   BD Champion   -Kyle To & His partner
U12   XD  Champion   -Kyle To & His partner
U14   BS  Champion   -Clement Chow 
U14   GD  Champion  -Michelle Cheng & Her partner 

U10 GS   Finalist -Jeslyn Chow
U10 GD  Finalist -Jessica Cheng & Jacqueline Cheung
U10 XD   Finalist -Thomas Dent & Jeslyn Chow
U14 BD  Finalist -Clement Chow & His partner
U14 XD   Finalist  -Clement Chow & Michelle Cheng

U 10  BD  3/4  -Thomas Dent & Jack Wang 
U 10  GS  3/4   -Jacquline Cheung
U 10  GD  3      -Jackie Dent & Her partner ( Jackie is only 6 years old, and this is her first tournament)        U12   BS      3/4              -Kyle To
U12   XD   3/4    -Ivan Cheng & His partner
U14   BD   3/4   -Sam Li & His Partner
U14   GS   3/4    -Michelle Cheng                 

2011-2012   Junior Comp. Series # 5 Port Hope U12 U14 U16 U19

U12    BD    Champion  -Jerry Xie & His Partner
U16    BS     Champion  -Simon Wang
U16    BD    Champion  -Simon Wang & Andrew Liu

U12   BS   Finalist   -Jerry Xie
U16   BS   Finalist   -Andrew Liu
U19   GD  Finalist   -Avenie Lee & Her partner

2011-2012     Junior HP. Series # 5 Cedar Springs U 10 U12 U14

U10      GD      Champion      -Jeslyn Chow & Her Partner 
U12      BD       Champion      -Kyle To & His Partner 
U14      MX       Champion      -Clement Chow & Michelle Cheng 
U14      BD       Champion      -Clement Chow & His Partner 
U14      GD         Champion     -Michelle Cheng & Her Partner   

U10      MX       Finalist          -Jessica & Her Partner
U10      BD       Finalist          -Thomas Dent & Jack Wang 
U10      GS       Finalist          -Jeslyn Chow
U10      GD       Finalist          -Jackie Dent & Her Partner
U12       MX      Finalist          -Kyle To & His Partner 
U12       BS       Finalist          -Kyle To 
U14       BS       Finalist          -Clement Chow 

U10       XD       3/4              -Thomas Dent & Jeslyn Chow
U10       GD       3rd              -Jessica Cheng & Jacqueline Cheung
U10       XD       3/4              -Ivan Cheng & Julia Chen
U12        GS       3/4             -Julia Chen
U12        GD       3rd              -Julia Chen & Her Partner
U14        BD       3/4               – Samuel Li & His Partner
U14        GS        3/4             -Michelle Cheng

2012 Adult York U Open
Women’ s Single    Champion  -Nonnadda Silamai ( 17 years old)
Women’s Double    Champion-Nonnadda Silamai & Michelle Cheng( 13 years old)

2012 Junior Comp.Series #6 Oakville Single U12U14U16U19

U16       BS        Champion     -Simon Wang
U19       BS        Champion    -Jethro Chau 

U16     GS           Finalist         -Natalie Lam 

U16       BS           3/4             -Andrew Liu
U16       BS           3/4             -Samuel Li 
U19       BS           3                -Felix Lam

2012 Junior High Performance (A) Championships

U10       BD          Champion       Thomas Dent & Partner
U10       GD          Champion       Jeslyn Chow & Partner
U12       BS           Champion       Kyle To
U12       BD           Champion       Kyle To & Partner
U14       BD           Champion       Clement Chow & Partner
U14       GD           Champion       Michelle Cheng & Partner

U10       MX           Finalist            Thomas Dent & Jeslyn Chow
U10       GS           Finalist             Jeslyn Chow
U10       GD           Finalist             Jacqueline Cheung & Jessica Cheng
U12        MX          Finalist             Kyle To & Partner
U16        GD          Finalist             Joanne Chen & Partner

U10      MX            3/4                  Jessica Cheng & Partner
U10      MX            3/4                  Jacqueline Cheung & Partner
U10      BD            3/4                  Jack Wang & Partner
U10      GD            3/4                  Jackie Dent & Partner
U14      MX            3/4                  Clement Chow & Michelle Cheng
U14      BS             3/4                  Clement Chow
U14      BD             3/4                  Samuel Li & Partner
U14      GS            3/4                    Michelle Cheng
U16      MX            3/4                   Joanne Chen & Partner

2012 Junior Comp.Series # 7 Boulevard U10 U12 U14

U10      GS           Champion            Jeslyn Chow
U10      GD           Champion            Rebecca Lee & Jackie Dent (Jackie is only 6 years old!)
U12      GD           Champion            Julia Chen & Jeslyn Chow (Jeslyn is only 8 years old!)

U10      GS            Finalist                Rebecca Lee( it is Rebecca’s first tourney and she brings back 1 gold ,1 Silver!)
U12      GS            Finalist                Julia Chen

U10     GS             3/4                    Jackie Dent 
U10      BS             3/4                    Jack Wang
U10      BD             3rd                    Jack Wang & His Partner
U12      BS             3/4                    Thomas Dent (9 years old, play up)
U12      BD             3/4                    Thomas Dent & His Partner
U12      XD             3/4                    Jeslyn Chow & Thomas Dent 
U12      XD             3/4                    Jack Wang & Jackie Dent ( 8 years and 6 years only!)      
U14     XD             3/4                    Cody Zhang & His Partner

2012 Ontario Junior Comp.Championships

U12      GS             Champion            Julia Chen
U12      XD             Champion            Julia Chen& Jerry Xie
U16      MX             Champion            Andrew Liu& Avenie Lee

U12      GD              Finalist               Julia Chen & Rebecca Lee
U12      BD              Finalist               Jerry Xie & His Partner
U19      BD              Finalist                Andrew Liu & Felix Lam
U19      GD              Finalist               Jennifer Cheng & Her partner

U12      MX              3/4                    Rebecca Lee & Her partner
U12      BS               3/4                    Jerry Xie
U16      MX               3/4                   Yinger Chen & Ryan Young
U16      GD               3/4                   Yinger Chen & Avenie Lee
U16      GS               3/4                    Yinger Chen
U19      BS               3/4                     Felix Lam

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