Private & Semi-Privates During Covid-19

Sports have been a challenge during this pandemic.
Private & Semi-Private lessons are a great way to stay active and learn something new this winter.
Lessons follow all social distance measure as it is only the coach and the student(s) on a 13.4 meter by 6.1 meter court.

We currently have a wide range of students taking lessons including:
Children as young as 6
Mother and daughter semi-privates
University/College students
Please call or email the location for more details.

Private & Semi-Private Price Range

Coach TypePrivate LessonSemi-Private Lesson
Junior Coaches$50-$60 +HST$70-$80 +HST
Junior Competition Coaches$58-$60 +HST$70-$80 +HST
Senior Competition Coaches$63-$75 +HST$75-$85 +HST
High Performance & Director Coaches$68-$85 +HST$85-$90 +HST

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